Been a dearth of new one lately, for me at least. Home today in honor of the Reverend Dr Martin Luther King, Jr's, birthday and worked H4 on 17m for #126. Doesn't appear to be a LoTW participant, so will need to send a card.

Got my D4 card today ... Unfortunately, I got the LoTW credit a few weeks back, so the $2 for the card could have gone somewhere else. Ah, well. Didn't know that at the time.

Also, I'm up to 77 (of 150) on the Triple Play award and 189 (of 250) for 5BWAS.


Over to the low bands

This will be the real test of the CT-17 ... 40 and 80. Worked a few on 40 and no issues so far.

RTTY Roundup

Still haven't solved the RFI issues, but I am QRV on 40 and 80 thanks to the loan of a real Icom CT-17 level converter. I'm also doing pretty well on 20 and 15. Had a few runs even, and I'm over 125 QSOs. Not much DX on (PY, KH6, PZ, P4, LU, HI, XE). Did have a ZL call me while I was CQing, so that was fun. :-)

Back to the salt mines. Shooting for 500 Qs.