Big day tomorrow

Sort of a big day tomorrow. Since I inherited the local VE team from the former Liaison, we've only done regular sessions. Well, save for one special session, but it was small.

Tomorrow's session is at the big regional hamfest. Ten candidates have signed up and I expect that there will be one or two walk-ins. I have firm commitments from about 6 VEs which is just enough. I suspect, however, that we'll have plenty tomorrow as a number of them are not online everyday and won't see my email.

Nonetheless, it's a bigger opportunity to display incompetence than the regular sessions (all of which have gone very smoothly!).

Also need to pick up various and sundry surge suppression accessories. :-)


As you can see in the Tally box, I'm up to 118 confirmed. Got a card from 6W in the box yesterday. For a QSO from 2000. :-)