More DX

It's been a good run, of late. I don't know if it's the few recent spots on Sol, or what, but I'm up to 145 as of this morning. Latest was OX on RTTY (#95 on RTTY). Got 9M6 the other night on "CW".

Last weekend, during the CQ WW SSB contest, I got KHØ, ZK2, and HBØ. I'm not entirely certain if the KHØ or the HBØ got my call correct, but I know the ZK2 did because he has an online log. Cool!

Before that, I got 4U1UN, UN Headquarters in NYC, which counts as a separate entity for DXCC purposes.

Don't know why it happened, but 13 new ones in October is pretty darn good. Hope November is as productive!


"I'm your host, Joe DX"

The tally box up there on the left now says 137 138. I've had a good run of late: GU, 3D2/f, FO/a, KH4, and FO/m. And VK on 'phone. Much of it is just happenstance. I use the DXLab Suite and the Spot Collector application works FB.

One evening, while filling out QSLs, I saw a VK7 (Australian state of Tasmania) spotted on 17 m 'phone at about 2100 local. I figured that this was a spot from a station outside of the middle part of the country -- Spot Collector lets you specify the origin of the spots that are displayed -- and that there was little chance of hearing him. Ha. Clicked to his freq and there he was, S9! It was midday in Tasmania and the op was working a little DX on his lunch break. Managed to actually break the pile-up, which made me happy. I've already confirmed him on LoTW for #99 on 'phone.

Well, make that 138. Just worked LA on the 17-m band. Thought I already had Norway, but no.

The others I got while looking for the KH4 DXpedition. I've been playing with the keyer memories in the IC746Pro again and worked the FO/m on "CW". As with K5D, I used UA9OV's CwGet to "help" with copying the code ... you know, since it was so fast and all. I worked K4M the same way. Actually, the K4M op was really cooking - about 40 wpm, I would estimate.

Now I just need to confirm them all. Don't have enough (and won't confirm enough) to get the 150-country sticker for my Mixed DXCC, but should be able to get Phone and 15 m this year.