Pins, Needles

Well, maybe not that bad. I am sitting at 146 countries confirmed. At 150 confirmed, I can get an endorsement sticker for my Mixed DXCC award. Whee! :-)

So why pins and needles? Well, to be listed in next year's DXCC Yearbook, you have to make your DXCC application before the end of the current year. If you look at the calendar, you can see that I have about 15 days to do that.

Last year, I waited until the last minute and did a "hybrid" application. That's where you do the application online, submit Logbook of the World credits, then print some stuff and take it, with the cards you have, to your local DXCC Card Checker (dorky name - used to be "DXCC Field Representative"). It's actually easier than the paper application and lets you wait all the way to the last minute (paper-only applications have to be in Newington by 12/31, AFAIK).

Anyway, this year, I'm four cards short. The question is, do I wait until after the new year so I can get to 150 or do I wait to see if I get the 150 before the 31st (practically speaking, the 29th or 30th) so that I can get into the Yearbook?

You might say, "well, do one now, then do another later!" Here's the thing. Your first DXCC application in a calendar year is $12 but the second one is $22. So it would be an extra $10 to get in the Yearbook and not have to wait until next year for my sticker.

Decisions, decisions.

Right now, I'm just waiting. I sent a donation to the ZL8X folks by PayPal, so I expect that credit to show up any day, and I expect a bunch more via the BURO, which a little birdy told me will do another mailing to my sorter this week.

One thing is certain - I won't get to 100 on either RTTY or 20m. I'm in the 90s on both but won't make it to 100 by the end of the year.