More on the paper chase

Here it is, six months later.  I've decided that my DXCC cycle will be to submit "sometime after Field Day" each year, meaning July.  That avoids the rush at HQ that happens at the end of the calendar year when everyone is trying to get the highest number possible for their listing in the DXCC Yearbook.

So, for me, none of that this year.  I'm up to 164 Mixed (so I'll get the 150 sticker) and I've also got more than enough for the 20-m DXCC and the RTTY DXCC.  Looks like I'll need to come up with two more frames that will fit 11.5 x 14 certificates. 

I've also got enough grids confirmed on 6m for VUCC, though only 96 of them are via LOTW.  I may do the separate applications thing (no hybrids for VUCC) since I do have the cards and need to visit the card checker for my DXCC application anyway (he's also a VHF Awards Manager).  Or I may wait to see if 4 more come in via LOTW.


Decision made

Didn't submit. I was waiting to see if I would get a few more confirmations before the year-end so I'd have some real reason to submit a DXCC application and get into the Yearbook.

Well, come New Year's Eve, I was only at 148 so I elected to put off the application. Soon enough, I'll have 150 (or more) confirmations and I'll also have qualified for 20-m and RTTY DXCC (I've got over 90 confirmed for both) so I'll save my money and submit later.

At least I managed to work a few New Ones, H40 and V5, the latter one already confirmed (giving me 149).