RoIP and Digital Modes

I recently helped a couple of the local repeater elders set up a DMR repeater.  DMR, Digital Mobile Radio, is Yet Another Digital Mode That Has A Network Component.  Yes, just like D-STAR.  And System Fusion (YSF).  In fact, the one thing that I missed early on is that the network parts of D-STAR, DMR, and YSF are no different than IRLP, EchoLink or Allstar Link.  Once I realized that, it became obvious that they were all basically the same, with the only real differentiation being that D-STAR, DMR, and YSF are all digital modes over the air, while the others connect analog radios.  Other than that, the two groups are very similar.  You an connect to another station, another repeater station, or another virtual repeater ("reflector").

Anyway, I've been doing a lot of research on this primarily because the fact that, as the man says, "these systems are 95% the same and 100% incompatible."  I think that's silly in amateur radio, so I need to educate myself on each of these.


I need to keep up - Dipole back in air

Seriously ... over 2 years?  I do need to move this over to WordPress but even so .. two?  Maybe it will be better after graduation. 

Anyway, a year ago, the local utility was replacing poles on the property and inadvertently snagged the Spi-Ro D-52 40-80 trap dipole. So for the last year, I've been relegated to 10/12/17/30 m.  With the help of spouse, I've fixed the two breaks and hauled it back into the air.  Just in time for the ARRL November Sweepstakes.  And, I've even made a few QSOs.  Dips in the SWR are not as they were before (I need to find the old ones), but looks to be usable at the low end on 40 and 20 at least.

I see that my country totals are way off, too.  191/177?  More like 201/187.  Guess I should be sending out some cards, too, to get that 200 sticker.